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Special Moments

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 Even in the worst of times there can be special moments.

 My job was gone and the economy was turning really sour.  I’d always been able to find a new job, but this was the worst time ever and there were no jobs at all. 

Now I was about to lose everything else; my home, my car, even many friends. 

Wondering what I would do next, I stepped outside for some fresh air.  Gazing out into the canyons surrounding me,  I watched a butterfly float along. 

How peaceful.   Then another butterfly drifted past my shoulder.   A few more butterflies came, followed by many more.   So I turned around to look... 

 . .. at a sky filled with millions of butterflies.  

Being surrounded by butterflies can only be described as pure magic. 
A rare and fantastical bounty of nature’s most graceful beauty. 

A symbol of transformation; they bring the message that your next step will unfold like the wings of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.  

I did lose it all, and one friend gave me a place to stay.  Over time, I recovered and got back on my feet.  And started new dreams; emerging from the cocoon of an old life. 

Cherish your special moments. 

When you find the dream that fits you, follow your dream.

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