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Can Benzoyl Peroxide be Keeping You From Getting Clear Skin?

For nearly 100 years we’ve been using 2 primary chemicals to get rid of acne;
- The first one is benzoyl peroxide to kill the acne vulgaris bacteria.  It's been called a "medicine" by some brands, but it's a bleach - not medicine.
- The second is salicylic acid to peel skin layers away that clog pores.  
Even though these chemicals have been approved by the FDA, they pose serious concerns for anyone with skin issues and acne.  And even worse, you'll find that they don't really solve the problem.   Fortunately, we're finding better ways to deal with acne.

benzoyl peroxide keeps you from clear skin

1. Skin will age faster.  Free radicals cause chemical burning, DNA damage, and early aging. 

2. Skin cancer and possible tumors are more likely to develop when there is DNA damage. 

3. Skin can’t heal scars very fast when free radicals and DNA  damage sets in.

4. Free radicals are charged particles of oxygen.   

5. Benzoyl peroxide has A LOT of oxygen particles that release into the skin – causing damage.    Benzoyl Peroxide molecule shows all the extra oxygen particles released into the skin.benzoyl peroxide molecule

5 Facts about salicylic acid and hydroxy acids;

 1.  They don’t solve the problem of excess oil and sebum. 
        (But there IS a surprising solution for this!)

2.  They can dry out skin.  Dry skin signals glands to make more oil.

3.  They don’t kill the bacteria.

4.  You have to keep using it or your skin will keep breaking out. 

5.  They can lead to dry, itchy, red, peeling skin. 



Typical side effects can be-
Dryness; feeling of warmth; irritation; itching; peeling; redness; stinging; swelling.

If you suffer from acne, you will be stunned at how you can begin to restore a beautiful complexion in as little as one to two weeks from today.

Medical research into the causes of acne is changing lives.  To find out more surprising information about this research, click here.


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