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As a teenager struggling with acne, you are not alone.   You can’t feel comfortable in your own skin.   Maybe your combination skin just never quite clears up.  You need makeup to help you hide the blemishes and feel more confident.  

Nothing affects your daily happiness more than acne breakouts. 

With all the home remedies and various forms of benzoyl peroxide products, acne is still the most common skin condition for people around the world.    

You’d think that if these methods really worked, we wouldn’t have the massive issue of widespread acne.   

UC Berkeley Study of Teen Age Girls Skin Reveals Concerns

Recently, a study at UC Berkeley focused on the risks to teenage girls  of chemicals in personal care products. 

They found that many formulations can be harmful to young girls' hormone system.

Some of the items to avoid are; 
phthalates, parabens, tricosan, and oxybenzone.

That's why Nature Clear is careful to avoid these chemicals and others that are a health concern.

At the same time, Nature Clear is based on the research of leading scientists at large personal care companies.  It matches the best of scientific findings with the best of nature.

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