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No More Retin-a After 8 Years!

TRIED IT ALL … THIS IS THE BEST ... WITH BEST RESULTS   This is an amazing product! I was suffering from major breakouts (in my late 20's!!) until this product came along. I've been using this for about a month now and my skin is COMPLETELY clear. I've never seen my skin look so good! If you try this product, you will not be disappointed! I have tried multiple products -- from clearasil, proactive... you name it.. and this is the best product with the best results thus far! Get it!   -- Tiffany H.   NO MORE RETIN-A!...

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No Sun Sensitivity

Clear Skin without Sun Sensitivity I use Nature Clear every night and it had made so much difference in my skin. My acne has cleared up and dark spots are slowly fading away day by day.  I like this cream because I know that it does not contain harsh chemicals that will irritate my skin.    Most of the acne creams out in the market makes my skin sensitive to the sun,  but this is different.   My skin is not red and sensitive. I highly recommend Nature Clear for everyone who is suffering with acne or just a few pimples...

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Help for Cystic Acne and Problem Areas

CYSTIC ACNE CLEARING I have been using Nature Clear by Dreamy Skin Acne for 2 weeks. I suffer from cystic acne. It is very hard to cure cystic acne. I have been using it twice daily and I have not had any bad breakouts. The cysts I do have would normally stay for a long time. They are almost gone. I am so happy. I will continue to use Nature Clear.  Cynthia Nicoletti   Nature Clear worked great on my problem areas!   I have somewhat oily skin and am therefore prone to getting random breakouts on my face. I...

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Husband's Super Acne Gets Relief

Husband’s Super Acne Breakouts Drastically Reduced I have dry skin type and I get frequent breakouts on my cheeks and chin.   My husband has super oily skin and he gets acne like anywhere and everywhere on his face, mostly on cheeks.  He has so many acne scars on his face he has given up on ever getting clear skin.  All he wants is to control the amount of acne that keeps popping up on his face. Nature Clear is life saver for us. This product actually does what it claims.   It does not irritate my skin or cause a burning...

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Help For Teen Hormonal Acne

Teen Hormonal Acne I don't get too much acne anymore. I do get some blackheads under my nose from time to time. So I used Nature Clear on that location.  I also let my niece try it as well.   She tends to have really bad outbreaks since she is in her teen years. A little bit goes a long way. It has helped tremendously with my minimal break outs and my niece’s constant teen hormones. It also helps to prevent future acne.    Karin Vadala   HELPS HORMONAL BREAKOUTS This works!! I was honestly surprised that it helped to dry up...

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