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Adult Acne Issues


 I have tried a lot of different acne creams and moisturizers in my lifetime. I keep thinking that I am old enough that I should be finished with having acne. Now in my late 40's I still have occasional breakouts.

There is nothing more frustrating than to have a pimple! Thank goodness for Nature Clear. My face is now free from any acne and I can tell my skin is even smoother and it just feels better all together. It only takes a very small amount to cover your entire face. I have been using to day and night for about 3 weeks.  It took about 2 weeks of applying every single night until I saw a big change. I am very impressed. Thumbs up!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone with or without acne. It really makes your skin feel and look great.

 - Renee I Dixon


For me my skin has never been my problem when I was younger.  But now I notice that after a soda or sometimes certain foods my skin suffers.  I don’t know if a medication is the problem as well. So when I see one of those on my face I now turn to Nature Clear and it helps to get things back in order for my skin.

With one application on a breakout on my cheek I noticed that things got right in control from a few sodas - and blemish was gone.  A little does a  lot with this product.

- Melody Bordeaux

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