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First My Acne Was Worse and Then Better

A Sign that the Product is Working.   

As my dermatologist explained to me with some other products I have used in the past, this is actually a sign that the product is working. Basically it is drawing all the oils and junk stuck deep below your skin up to the surface so it can be expelled.

As for how well Nature Clear works, the first day after I used it I had a ton of whiteheads on my face.  After that first day my acne has been slowly but steadily improving. I also used it as a spot treatment on a bad zit that developed on my shoulder and it seemed to improve faster than it would have on it's own.

 - Emily G.

Worse, then Cleared Up.

I have used this product once a day for about a week. The treatment is lightweight and is easy to apply.  At first it made my face worse then everything cleared up and have not been bad since. My face has been less oily since I began use. So that is a plus.

- Jamie

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