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Help for Cystic Acne and Problem Areas


I have been using Nature Clear by Dreamy Skin Acne for 2 weeks. I suffer from cystic acne. It is very hard to cure cystic acne. I have been using it twice daily and I have not had any bad breakouts. The cysts I do have would normally stay for a long time. They are almost gone. I am so happy. I will continue to use Nature Clear.  Cynthia Nicoletti


Nature Clear worked great on my problem areas!  

I have somewhat oily skin and am therefore prone to getting random breakouts on my face. I hate having to walk around with a bunch of pimples on my face.  I was very glad to see Nature Clear helped with the amount of breakouts that I have had. It works great. 

Also, you don't need to use a lot in order to get great results. I would recommend this product to those who deal with acne and breakouts and would like to get noticeable results with not a whole lot of effort.   Robynne Legault

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