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Help For Teen Hormonal Acne

Teen Hormonal Acne

I don't get too much acne anymore. I do get some blackheads under my nose from time to time. So I used Nature Clear on that location.  I also let my niece try it as well.   She tends to have really bad outbreaks since she is in her teen years. A little bit goes a long way. It has helped tremendously with my minimal break outs and my niece’s constant teen hormones. It also helps to prevent future acne.    Karin Vadala



This works!! I was honestly surprised that it helped to dry up the horrendous hormonal breakouts that I have had the past couple weeks. I applied before makeup in the morning and after washing my face at night. This soaks in quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky.   Ashley Hayes

My Magic Potion

I can hardly believe how much this serum has changed my skin. I haven't seen such a dramatic improvement since I was on Accutane as a teen!  I'm now referring to it as my "magic potion". LOL    Missy D

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