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Husband's Super Acne Gets Relief

Husband’s Super Acne Breakouts Drastically Reduced

I have dry skin type and I get frequent breakouts on my cheeks and chin.   My husband has super oily skin and he gets acne like anywhere and everywhere on his face, mostly on cheeks.  He has so many acne scars on his face he has given up on ever getting clear skin.  All he wants is to control the amount of acne that keeps popping up on his face.

Nature Clear is life saver for us. This product actually does what it claims.   It does not irritate my skin or cause a burning sensation.  This is plus for me as I have dry and sensitive skin and it gets burned easily.

I use it at night but my husband uses it twice a day. What is really great is it stops or controls the budding acne bump and soothes it out.  Overall it helps control the oil levels on my hubby’s face.  He has noticed a visible difference - after 2 weeks of continuous use, his breakouts have reduced drastically.  I have seen a difference in my blemishes or red spots reduce visibly, it helps to clear skin. I totally love this product!    Rita-Steward Young

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