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No Longer Skeptical on Natural Acne Care

Natural and it Works Great

Maybe its from stress, maybe it's because it's summer, or maybe even hormones but I keep getting these little acne breakouts that I can't seem to do anything about. I use things like Clean and Clear - but I've been looking for something more.

Verdict: I was a little skeptical about a natural way to get rid of acne but this Nature Clear works great. It immediately reduces redness and irritation and with regular application works wonders. Plus it does moisturize my skin without any weird residue.  Hanna Lei


I’m Going Natural – this Fits the Bill

I used Nature Clear for some stubborn acne around my chin. As I’m aging I get more acne now than I did when I was younger. I only used a small amount, so this bottle will last a long time. I’ve started to notice a difference in the redness and the acne is starting to go away.   A big added bonus is that this is an all natural product. I’m trying very hard to switch to more organic foods and natural remedies, so this fits the bill!  Great product!!   Kim Hansen

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