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No Sun Sensitivity

Clear Skin without Sun Sensitivity

I use Nature Clear every night and it had made so much difference in my skin. My acne has cleared up and dark spots are slowly fading away day by day.  I like this cream because I know that it does not contain harsh chemicals that will irritate my skin.   

Most of the acne creams out in the market makes my skin sensitive to the sun,  but this is different.   My skin is not red and sensitive. I highly recommend Nature Clear for everyone who is suffering with acne or just a few pimples on their face that they want to get rid of.   Tinkey


A Miracle For My Skin

A little goes a long way and it is a very effective at evening out any dryness. Used twice daily, it is literally a miracle product [for my skin, anyway].  There is no burning -it’s slightly tingly yet soothing, actually- and cuts down on any inflammation with just one use. And most importantly, as claimed- it definitely clears, rather than causes, breakouts.   Raivyn dK

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