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Clear your skin fast
My name is Julie Ginn.

In this article you are going to find out about breakthroughs in acne care that you won’t hear about from doctors, or the skincare industry.

You will discover that, regardless of what type of acne you have, whether it’s cystic acne, hormone related acne, or even the occasional breakout that always seems to happen at the worst time, there is a natural way to clear your skin.
If you suffer from acne, you will be stunned at how you can begin to restore a beautiful complexion in as little as one to two weeks from today.

And you can finally have normal skin without being self conscious around others, without constantly checking your makeup, and without complicated systems or devices.
These breakthroughs are based on the combination of scientific studies, tests and experiments that expose the core reasons for acne, and the natural ingredients that can treat it.
I’ll give you the medical research that reveals how to stop new breakouts, and clear existing breakouts.
I’ll also show you why this works.
But first, let me tell you how this all came about. . .
Because you’re probably wondering – is this for real?

After all, anyone with acne always seems to go through disappointment and broken promises.  Acne seems to go through endless cycles of breakouts to clear – and back again to breakouts.  

Doctors will tell you that your only real options are chemicals, medications or painful treatments.
Stop hiding your skin with Nature Clear
So if you’re feeling skeptical by what I’m telling you right now, I understand. As a matter of fact, most of the people who have already used these remedies felt the same why you do . . .
But their feeling changed when they tried it for themselves.

Amanda B. writes;
A life saver!  I was on retin-a  for my adult acne for over 8 years, which made my skin red and overly sensitive.  This has cleared my sensitive skin and the best part is; there are no chemicals.  
I definitely feel more
confident because my skin looks so much better."
Missy D. says;
I can hardly believe how much this serum has changed my skin. 

I haven't seen such a dramatic improvement since I was on Accutane as a teen!

I'm now referring to it as my "magic potion". LOL   
Ashley H. says;
This works!! 

I was honestly surprised that it helped to dry up the horrendous hormonal breakouts that I have had the past couple weeks. 
I applied before makeup in the morning and after washing my face at night."
By now, you’re probably wondering - who I am, and how I discovered all of this.
Live confident, carefree and acne free
I’m a former CPA and CFO for startup companies.  Being a CPA requires a certain level of diligence, an analytical mindset, perfectionism, strategy and vision.  My work was used to raise money with multi-millionaire investors, so it had to be top notch.

I'm a believer in the idea that our experiences all come together to form our life purpose.  I think that's been true for me.   
For over thirty years my passion is using natural solutions for colds and flu, and even complex health challenges for me and my family. 
I’ve always sought out and found a natural way for any health issue.   
Then about twenty years ago, something happened that changed everything. . .
I noticed my eyes had a burning and stinging reaction to most beauty products. Like so many other people, I had developed a chemical sensitivity and could no longer use most cosmetics or skincare.
Since natural skincare options were limited at the time, I decided to research and apply my knowledge of herbs, plants and nutrition to help my skin.

With experimentation, I developed a serum that kept skin taut, youthful looking and glowing. I started to make small batches and give them out to friends.

Everyone loved how soft and smooth their skin looked and felt.
And when parents gave it to their teenagers . . . their acne breakouts cleared and their skin glowed.

I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe I had what could potentially fix so much suffering for so many people. I slowed my career to devote more time to my discovery.
Right away, I researched and modified my serum to target acne, and gave this remedy out to some more friends.
But it wasn’t right yet. Some people had great results, while for others the problem only got worse.
This led to more research to try and figure out the medical reasons for what was working in my formula.
It was amazing how many experiments I could find about the chemicals contained in my ingredients.
With this research, I found new ingredients, and removed others, to perfect my formula.
Plants are tiny chemical factories.
It turns out; plant chemicals can be just as potent
as the inorganic chemicals
of the lab.

And exciting new discoveries are taking plants from folklore – to a high level of science.
If you have ever taken aspirin, then you’ve been helped by a plant! Aspirin came from the pain relieving compound salicin found in willow bark.

We’ve had a love affair with chemicals ever since the 1800’s. Yet today, the study of botanical chemicals is the frontier for cutting edge research.
As I waded through the evidence of plant chemicals and acne research, I found not just how my formula works . . .
but WHY it works.
The thing is, for nearly 100 years we’ve been using 2 primary chemicals to get rid of acne;

- The first one is benzoyl peroxide to kill the acne vulgaris bacteria and dry out oil.

- The second is salicylic acid to peel skin layers away that clog pores.
As I immersed myself into the research over the next three years, I was shocked at what I found. . .
  • The REAL reason acne keeps coming back, no matter how much you use these two chemicals.

  • And how to finally clear acne so it doesn’t come back.
You see; the real causes of acne start long before breakouts appear on the skin.
Experiments documented
by a variety of
scientists found
two vitamin deficiencies
that are leading causes of acne.
First, they found that a deficiency of vitamin A can cause pores to clog with sebum and thick layers of skin.
Vitamin A helps heal, and protect skin from free radical damage. It’s truly a skin super hero. But there is a big problem. Skin cells can’t directly use vitamin A; so a lab version known as Retinoids was invented by scientists.
Yet it turns out that when you apply
from a plant source to the skin, cells can begin to balance the deficiency of clogged pores just fine.
It also turns out,
people with acne are also missing vitamin F.
This deficiency causes the sebum to turn from thin and runny to hard and thick.
Vitamin F is known as the Omegas and is found only in oils. Giving skin the RIGHT Omega oils will help to normalize sebum and unblock pores.
I found three botanicals rich in pro-vitamin A that are ideal to clear blocks of sebum and thickened skin that clog pores.

Then to dissolve hardened sebum plugs, I devised an exact balance of plant oils made up of the best Omegas.

Balance sebum back to its normal state, and pores won’t clog. Skin can feel softer, smoother, and more hydrated.
In most cases of acne, there is also a hormone link.
Like dominoes, hormones cascade through a chain reaction that leads to acne.
Simply put, when a higher level of androgens is present, an enzyme is triggered that signals an increase in sebum.
The BEST way to protect skin from this domino cascade is to - stop this enzyme
action. The good news is; this enzyme
can be slowed or stopped by certain plant chemicals.

Our answer lies in the harsh climate of Northern Canada and Alaska. A plant there grows like “wild fire” to quickly carpet and repair the barren soil left by fires.

Fireweed was valued by Native Americans for healing. And science validated the folklore of this proud plant with astonishing findings.
Fireweed is a world class plant with a high ability to inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that causes acne.
Of course, once sebum and hormones are out of control,
it is the perfect condition for acne bacteria.
My challenge was to get rid of acne bacteria without putting bleach on your skin. Fortunately, many plant bactericides are excellent and still used today in place of chemicals.
I researched the experiments into anti-bacterial chemicals of many plants and found two plants that are like a magic wand to stop acne.
The Amazon is filled with some of the most hostile animals, poisons, and diseases to threaten mankind. But nature always
provides. Deep in the rainforest are
plants with amazing healing properties.

And the chemicals in two Amazon plants are clinically proven by scientists to kill acne bacteria.

Andiropa holds its own in defeating bacteria. In fact, it’s so good; it’s also a natural preservative. And copaiba has 50 years of documented research on the power to act against acne bacteria.
This leads to inflammation; the swelling, and redness
that excess sebum and bacteria can cause.
There is a plant chemical that eases inflammation found in several plants, including tea tree oil. It’s called triterpene. And that’s where our amazing Amazon plant power comes in again. . .
The Amazon plant Copaiba is one of the highest sources of triterpene ever discovered!
It’s a super anti-inflammatory.
Once you start using it, your inflammation immediately starts to calm.
In fact, two clinical trials of the Amazon naturals on acne found that in just under 2 months:
90% of volunteers saw a dramatic reduction in imperfections.

of volunteers described their skin as less oily.

noticed cleaner-looking pores.

of volunteers felt improved skin hydration and smoothness
Cystic acne is so painful. As the inflammation is soothed and infection cleared, your skin will feel so much better.
Now, beautiful skin for life
means more than getting rid of acne blemishes.
Extra oxygen particles
from benzoyl peroxide,
pollution and even sun attach to the proteins in cells and start to destroy your skin. 

 Think of rust on iron.  Over time, rust eats away the metal.  
We need to repair the damage that these free radicals cause.
are well known for healing wounds and scars, and repairing the rust-like damage of oxygen free radicals.
Acai berry oil from the Amazon is prized as one of the top antioxidants in the world.    

Acai Berry holds 10-30
times more anti-oxidants than red wine. 

 Even a very small amount of Acai berry oil can have a big impact for your skin and body.
Vitamin C
is also well known as a powerful antioxidant.  

Let me make this clear—I’m not talking about ascorbic acid found in most products.  Did you know that ascorbic
acid is made from cheap chemical by-products in China?

The best Vitamin C your skin can have is botanically sourced.  
Botanical Complete C™  is  like orange juice for your skin.  With Complete C™ your skin will look - and feel— the difference.  
It took a naturist, not a chemist, to assemble this wealth of scientific research into a complete natural solution.
There are a lot of very smart people in fields like dermatology, botany, nutrition and medicine that have devoted themselves to all this research.
Some of the research came from scientists in large personal care companies. Yet they always went back to chemicals.
My research and results have been so astounding, yet I had to ask myself . . . “why isn’t this common knowledge?” A lot of this research has been around for decades.
How is it I am the only one who put all these pieces of the acne puzzle together . . . in this way?
Fact is, all the key research
I found was scattered throughout different scientists and laboratories into dozens of experiments. Yet each one had only a very small piece of the whole puzzle.

Like looking through a telescope, you can see a small part very well,
but miss the big picture.
I was assembling research into a jigsaw puzzle with a shape of the missing piece. I kept digging for the answers that were a perfect match to complete the puzzle.
But let me get back to my story . . .
Finally, I formulated an exact ratio of ingredients my research said should work.  I selected the best of the best for my formula.
One day, I was at the counter
buying natural cat food when I saw a beautiful girl about 17 years old.  But her face was horribly marked with some of
the worst blemishes I’d ever seen.  Huge
red bumps and white pustules marred her looks. 
This would be the ultimate
test of my research.  I knew my acne
potion could help her.  Would she ask her parents if she could try it?  She agreed, and I brought her a bottle.

Three weeks went by before I
returned to the store for more cat food. 

Frankly, I was pretty nervous about finding out how she was.  
I couldn’t believe my eyes
when I saw her.  This couldn’t be the
same girl.  Most of the breakouts were
gone, or healing, and her skin was glowing. 
She said the potion stopped any new breakouts as soon as she started
using it.  Now her skin was clearing.
I thought I might pass out.  It was working.  
Since then, I’ve given it out
to more people and heard more success stories.
Now I want to bring this discovery
out to make it available to everyone.
It’s taken me years to research and perfect this formula. I gave up career advancement to pursue this, spent years, and invested savings, to get it right.

The Biggest Surprise I Found -
At least two major personal care companies have research validating my discoveries about the causes of acne.

I’m going up against not just some big acne brands, but the whole industry of experts to bring this to you. When you think about it, at least 50 million Americans from teens to adults suffer from acne. Some acne brands have become a household name over the last two decades.

They still sell products based on the traditional acne chemicals. WHY? It's easier, faster, and cheaper to use the chemicals. They KNOW you'll still keep on buying - and hoping.
So I decided I needed to apply for a patent.
This way, I can validate not just my own research - but my solutions from nature.
Now the formula is patent pending and I’m ready to bring this out to make a huge impact on the world. I want this discovery to improve the quality of life for the millions of people suffering from the pain and embarrassment of acne.
"This is an amazing product! I was suffering from major breakouts. I've been using this for about a month now and my skin is COMPLETELY clear. I have tried multiple products -- from clearasil, proactive... you name it.. and this is the best product with
the best results thus far!"   Tiffany H.
“When I first started using this I had 2 pimples
and one coming up. I applied it once in the morning and again at night and
noticed that the pimple that was coming up wasn’t there anymore! A couple days
later my other pimples were gone. I love that this product does exactly what is
says it will do and it does it fast!”   Bianca N.
“A little goes a long way and it is very effective at evening out any dryness. Used twice daily, it is literally a
miracle product - for my skin, anyway. There is no burning -it’s slightly
tingly yet soothing, and cuts down on any inflammation with just one use. And
most importantly, as claimed- it definitely clears, rather than causes, breakouts.”   Raivyn DK
"I have been using this for 2 weeks. I suffer from cystic acne. It is very hard to cure cystic acne. I have been using it twice daily and I have not
had any bad breakouts. The cysts I do have would normally stay for a long time.
They are almost gone. I am so happy. I will continue to use this." Cynthia N.
With the information I’ve given you, you could assemble a few of these ingredients
and help your skin a lot. And hopefully avoid some of the things that have been harming your skin all along. If it helps you, then that is great to me.
I’ve assembled these ingredients to give your skin everything it needs to stop suppressing symptoms –
and start clearing skin for good.
It’s called Nature Clear™.
Imagine seeing an improvement
in your skin in just a couple weeks and finally having the clear, radiant skin you’ve always wanted.
What would that be worth to you? Would it be worth $168?
You could easily spend $168 or more to get what’s in Nature Clear™;
$35 Clearing Treatment
$18 Spot Treatment
$38 Antioxidant Serum
$38 Soothing Serum
$39 Vitamin C serum
$168 Total
Instead, you get ALL of This in one bottle -
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Take a full 60 days
to put Nature Clear
to the test.
Every day you wait, you miss out on the carefree days of a clear, healthy complexion.
There’s no risk to you. This formula is made up of all natural ingredients that balance out the root causes of acne without harming skin.

Just try it. That’s all I ask.

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I look forward to hearing from you - and would love to receive your selfies.
Julie Ginn

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