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 How to get your best results with Nature Clear for Acne

More than an acne treatment, Nature Clear™ is a beauty treatment. 

Make it part of your regular beauty regimen every day to get and maintain a glowing complexion.

7 Ways to Get Your Best Results with Nature Clear™ ;

  1. Overnight.   Many people get overnight results with Nature Clear for new breakouts. This shows that the active extracts really do go to work immediately to help target the four known causes of acne. For existing issues, please plan on this process taking longer.
  2. Severe acne. Long term acne takes more time to clear. Consider that alternative methods (if even successful) can take months and are often painful and very damaging to the skin.
  3. Nature Clear is designed for consistent daily use. The botanicals work day-by-day to change the chemistry of sebum to a healthy balance. With normal sebum, the pores won't block to create a breeding ground for acne bacteria. This action also works to dissolve the oil buildup and blocked pores. Only our special patent pending formula does this.
  4. TIP.   Once you apply the product, it should absorb quickly.   It's concentrated, so use a small amount.   If it's too much, splash your face with some fresh, clear water and pat dry.
  5. Oily Skin. If oil production flares;  What other products are you using? If you have a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide and / or salicylic acid it is drying out your skin. The reaction is for the skin to produce MORE oil.
  6. Worse before better.  Sometimes skin will appear worse after starting an acne clearing program.   With Nature Clear, it WILL get better so please hang in there.  If you are uncomfortable; then slow down a bit and take your time with the product.

    As one of our clients put it “my dermatologist reassured me this is the skin getting rid of built up oil and debris under the skin.  My skin got worse at first but then it started getting better.” 
  7. Beauty.   We've researched extensively to bring you a product that really is free of chemicals. To do this, we use more expensive ingredients that are rich in nutrients. When I look at the ingredients in many products, I see just how cheap they really are to produce.  With regular, daily use it helps maintain a clear, glowing complexion.