Cystic Acne
CYSTIC ACNE CLEARING - I have been using Nature Clear by Dreamy Skin Acne for 2 weeks. I suffer from cystic acne. It is very hard to cure cystic acne. I have been using it twice daily and I have not had any bad breakouts. The cysts I do have would normally stay for a long time. They are almost gone. I am so happy. I will continue to use Nature Clear.
Cynthia Nicolettie
BREAKOUTS ARE DRAMATICALLY LESS - Works very well. Within just a few days of using Nature Clear my skin is a lot softer and smoother. My breakouts were dramatically less. Now that I've been using it a bit longer I have almost no break outs, which is amazing for cystic acne. It has also helped with my acne scars, they are now far less noticeable. I personally only use this at night as that seems to be all I personally need but some people may need to use it twice a day.
Amanda Barnes
6 year customer
ALWAYS COMBATING ACNE - No matter the season it is here, and I am fighting the never ending battle of getting it to go away for good. I recently tried Nature Clear, and it's really helped me with my persistent cystic acne flare ups. I've tried it all, so I can attest to how harsh some treatments are. Using other treatments would cause my skin to become very dry and peel or flake. Because this is not a "system" like some other acne products, I did not expect it to irritate my skin, and it didn't! I use this twice per day after washing up and applying toner and serum. What's convenient is that this works as a 3-in-1: cream, spot treatment and moisturizer. I use one pump and that is enough to cover my face. I will say that my cystic acne has been less severe since starting this, and I'm so thankful for that because it is very, very painful.
Hormones, Teen and Adult Acne
TEEN HORMONAL ACNE . . . I don't get too much acne anymore. I do get some blackheads under my nose from time to time. So I used Nature Clear on that location. I also let my niece try it as well. She tends to have really bad outbreaks since she is in her teen years. A little bit goes a long way. It has helped tremendously with my minimal break outs and my niece’s constant teen hormones. It also helps to prevent future acne.
Karin Vadala
ADULT ACNE . . . Impressed!! I have tried a lot of different acne creams and moisturizers in my lifetime. I keep thinking that I am old enough that I should be finished with having acne. Now in my late 40's I still have occasional breakouts. There is nothing more frustrating than to have a pimple! Thank goodness for Nature Clear. My face is now free from any acne and I can tell my skin is even smoother and it just feels better all together. It only takes a very small amount to cover your entire face. I have been using to day and night for about 3 weeks. It took about 2 weeks of applying every single night until I saw a big change
Renee I Dixon
HELPS HORMONAL BREAKOUTS This works!! I was honestly surprised that it helped to dry up the horrendous hormonal breakouts that I have had the past couple weeks. I applied before makeup in the morning and after washing my face at night. This soaks in quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky.
Ashley Hayes
WORKS . . . For me my skin has never been my problem when I was younger. But now I notice that after a soda or sometimes certain foods my skin suffers. I don’t know if a medication is the problem as well. So when I see one of those on my face I now turn to Nature Clear and it helps to get things back in order for my skin. With one application on a breakout on my cheek I noticed that things got right in control from a few sodas - and blemish was gone. A little does a lot with this product.
Melody Bordeaux
TRIED IT ALL … THIS IS THE BEST ... WITH BEST RESULTS . . . This is an amazing product! I was suffering from major breakouts (in my late 20's!!) until this product came along. I've been using this for about a month now and my skin is COMPLETELY clear. I've never seen my skin look so good! If you try this product, you will not be disappointed! I have tried multiple products -- from Clearasil, Proactive... you name it.. and this is the best product with the best results thus far!
Tiffany H
Different Skin Types
OILY SKIN . . . I have somewhat oily skin and am therefore prone to getting random breakouts on my face. I hate having to walk around with a bunch of pimples on my face. I was very glad to see Nature Clear helped with the amount of breakouts that I have had. It works great. Also, you don't need to use a lot in order to get great results.
Robynne Legault
DRY SKIN . . . BREAKOUTS BETTER . . . I have mainly dry skin. You think dry skin = no breakout? Wrong! I get little breakouts on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. And what do I do? I pick at them. I know I know! I'm not supposed to, but I can't help it. Who's with me? Nature Clear was very effective. It took care of my breakouts in a very short amount of time. Seeing that my skin is already drier than the Sahara desert (LOL), I opted to put on an additional moisturizer. It didn't affect the Nature Clear’s effectiveness.
K Wong
COMBINATION SKIN . . . My face is almost completely clear; I Love It. This is a fantastic treatment and has diminished my acne! I have been using this for a few weeks now and I love it. I have combination skin accompanied with mild acne mostly on my forehead, chin and cheeks. My skin is smooth and not greasy. My acne is almost completely under control! I use it once a day in the morning after I wash my face and use my toner. This is the only change I have made and my complexion is so much better.
Laura Clairmont
OILY SKIN . . . . My husband has super oily skin and he gets acne like anywhere and everywhere on his face, mostly on cheeks. He has so many acne scars on his face he has given up on ever getting clear skin. All he wants is to control the amount of acne that keeps popping up on his face. Overall, it helps control the oil levels on my hubby’s face. He has noticed a visible difference - after 2 weeks of continuous use, his breakouts have reduced drastically. DRY SKIN . . . . I have dry skin type and I get frequent breakouts on my cheeks and chin. Nature Clear does not irritate my skin or cause a burning sensation. This is a plus for me as I have dry and sensitive skin and it gets burned easily. What is really great is it stops or controls the budding acne bump and soothes it out. I have seen a difference in my blemishes or red spots reduce visibly.
Rita-Steward Young
ACNE PRONE SKIN . . . I've very skeptical on anything I put on my face since I have acne prone skin. I always have since I was 13. So I've been searching for something that will not only keep my breakouts at bay, but help with lightening up my scars. This does just that. I had a bunch of whiteheads one day and once I used this product they were gone the next morning. Which is amazing cause I've been struggling to get rid of the whiteheads for months now. This product is great.
Selena Guzman
OILY SKIN . . . Problem areas? Oily skin gets me down, especially around the holidays with all the photos. No matter what makeup you use, you can always see the bumps underneath. Nature Clear has really helped prevent breakouts and help remove unwanted acne that I already had. The value is amazing because you really don't need to use much to see the results.
THERE'S MAGIC HERE . . . I KNOW IT . . . All I can say is what kind of magic did y'all use to make this stuff? I'm serious! My struggle with acne has been 10 years long and my acne prescription with strange side effects was taking forever and is super expensive! But this stuff actually cleared up my skin, didn't leave scars or scabs and has actually made me feel ok to not wear makeup always!
MY MAGIC POTION I can hardly believe how much this serum has changed my skin. I haven't seen such a dramatic improvement since I was on Accutane as a teen! I'm now referring to it as my "magic potion". LOL
Missy D.
NO MORE RETIN-A! . . . . . A life saver! I was on retin-a for my adult acne for over 8 years which made my skin red and overly sensitive. Nature Clear™ has cleared my sensitive skin and the best part is; there are no chemicals. I definitely feel more confident because my skin looks so much better. Please try this product if you are struggling with acne and want to have clear and radiant skin
Amanda B.
long time customer
Can Natural Really Work?
SKEPTICAL BUT NATURAL AND IT WORKS GREAT . . . Maybe its from stress, maybe it's because it's summer, or maybe even hormones but I keep getting these little acne breakouts that I can't seem to do anything about. I use things like Clean and Clear - but I've been looking for something more. Verdict: I was a little skeptical about a natural way to get rid of acne but this Nature Clear works great. It immediately reduces redness and irritation and with regular application works wonders. Plus it does moisturize my skin without any weird residue
Hanna Lei
CLEAR, HEALTHY, YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN . . . After using about 1 pump every night my skin feels much more hydrated, clearer and brighter! I also think this product evened out my skin tone really well. My acne has gotten a lot better and my face is so hydrated and soft I just love it! This is natural which I really love. This product doesn't leave a greasy residue nor will it leave your skin feeling sticky. I have sensitive skin and had no issues with using this product at all!
GOING NATURAL - THIS FITS THE BILL . . . I used Nature Clear for some stubborn acne around my chin. As I’m aging I get more acne now than I did when I was younger. I only used a small amount, so this bottle will last a long time. I’ve started to notice a difference in the redness and the acne is starting to go away. A big added bonus is that this is an all-natural product. I’m trying very hard to switch to more organic foods and natural remedies, so this fits the bill! Great product!!
Kim Hansen
What About Side Effects?
CLEAR SKIN WITHOUT SUN SENSITIVITY - I use Nature Clear every night and it had made so much difference in my skin. My acne has cleared up and dark spots are slowly fading away day by day. I like this cream because I know that it does not contain harsh chemicals that will irritate my skin. Most of the acne creams out in the market makes my skin sensitive to the sun, but this is different. My skin is not red and sensitive.
SOOTHING ON EXISTING ACNE - This stuff really works on irritated, sore pimples. It soothes redness and reduces the size of the blemish quickly. I don’t have an acne problem, per se, but this definitely helps with the occasional breakouts!
Stephanie Soper
A MIRACLE FOR MY SKIN - A little goes a long way and it is a very effective at evening out any dryness. Used twice daily, it is literally a miracle product [for my skin, anyway]. There is no burning -it’s slightly tingly yet soothing, actually- and cuts down on any inflammation with just one use. And most importantly, as claimed- it definitely clears, rather than causes, breakouts.
RESULTS WITHOUT HARSHNESS. This has helped to diminish breakouts. It seems to really get into my pores. Unlike benzoyl peroxide which really dries out my skin, this has the same results without the harsh dryness.
Monica Jenkins
What To Expect
WORKS FAST –AFTER ONLY 12 HOURS. I have such horrible break outs and its always along my jaw line and I hate it. I started using this and the next morning my acne was dried out. When I first applied it, it sank in and went on clear and did not burn or tingle like other ointments I have tried. When I woke up in the morning I noticed the area with dried out and healing pimples and acne and no new acne yet. This Nature Clear works fast and didn't cause any irritation and surprised me big time.
GONE OVERNIGHT . . . When I first started using this I had 2 pimples and one coming up. I applied it once in the morning and again at night and noticed that the pimple that was coming up wasn’t there anymore! A couple days later my other pimples were gone. I love that this product does exactly what is says it will do and it does it fast!
Bianca Norfleat
3 DAYS - ALMOST GONE . . . I absolutely love this product! I have used this for 3 straight days; morning and night - and my acne and blemishes are already almost gone! My forehead was full of bigger but still small acne bumps all over and now they are almost gone! I use an acne cleanser everyday and a spot treatment - and it doesn't work as good as this!
Tucker Holland
WOW . . . I was knocked out. Used it right out of the package. I had a blemish. I dabbed the spot. The next day the blemish was gone. This is one of my favorite products.
Victoria S.
WORSE THEN BETTER A Sign that the Product is Working. As my dermatologist explained to me with some other products I have used in the past, this is actually a sign that the product is working. Basically it is drawing all the oils and junk stuck deep below your skin up to the surface so it can be expelled. As for how well Nature Clear works, the first day after I used it I had a ton of whiteheads on my face. After that first day my acne has been slowly but steadily improving. I also used it as a spot treatment on a bad zit that developed on my shoulder and it seemed to improve faster than it would have on its own.
Emily G.
WORSE, THEN CLEARED UP . . . I have used this product once a day for about a week. The treatment is lightweight and is easy to apply. At first it made my face worse then everything cleared up and have not been bad since. My face has been less oily since I began use. So that is a plus.
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