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Dreamy brings you a paradigm shift in skincare. You don't have to do things they way it's always been.
Julie Ginn
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Less chemicals is better for you. Better for the environment, our water and our animal and ocean life.

I’m Julie, and I’m the founder of Dreamy Beauty™.

My beauty challenges started because I became chemically sensitive to most cosmetic products.

I had to find a way to get the results I wanted without the chemicals most products use.

I created that skincare and it worked.  

But this was just the start. My first few trials worked for some people, yet not others. More trials. A lot more research.

I searched for the most INNOVATIVE clinical science on acne care. I looked for the reasons some ingredients work – and some just don’t.  

I looked hard for new green chemistry that replaces toxic chemicals.

I’ve tested dozens of versions and found that there is this ONE synergistic blend that WORKS.  

I’m passionate about purity.  My mission is to create beauty care that really is free of chemicals – but still delivers big results.  Not just “partially natural”, but real natural.   Nature Clear is so original, it’s patent pending.   

Beauty, Goals and Dreams
in My Blog

This website brings you my skincare solutions.  It’s also my dream.  I share the journey of following this dream with you in my blog.  I learned a lot about goals and dreams.  I made a lot of mistakes.  And I stayed persistent and found solutions for every problem that came up.

I hope you’ll visit my blog, and follow along.  I’ll also share beauty insights and tips I’ve researched that I think you’ll enjoy.  Thank you!


More about me;

I grew up traveling because of my father’s job.  After college, I joined two startup companies as the Controller and as CFO.  In my early 20’s I started exploring natural health and healing and have practiced what I learned my whole life.  I use this knowledge as a base for creating skincare that fits my life philosophy.

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