Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreams

Dreams are the Seeds of What You Can Become

Dreams are the seeds of realities.  The greatest achievement was a dream first.   (from James Allen,philosopher)

Major athletes SEE the ball go into the goal before they take the shot.  They’ve done it so often that it’s habit for them.  Most people who achieve their goals do the same IMAGINATION process.

I tried this in a simple way once at miniature golf.  At a golf course with some friends, I had no skills but didn’t want to be completely humiliated on the course.  At the start of a new hole, I spent some time SEEING the ball go a certain direction.  Once I felt comfortable about what I saw, I’d focus on that spot and hit the ball.  I’m telling you, much of the time IT WORKED.

Everything is like this.  Have a tight deadline at work?  Stop and see it already completed and on time.  Then do the work in a relaxed and confident manner.

Michael Jackson spent hours imagining himself with the top selling album of all time before Thriller happened.  Beyonce practiced and imagined her dreams from early childhood.

Most successful and famous people have all followed the same formula:  Practice.  Do the Work.  Gain the Skill.  And Imagine.

See – and feel good about – your unique and special beauty.

Something special is activated when we IMAGINE ourselves already achieving what it is we want.

 Every dream is the opportunity for what you can become.



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