Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreams

Love What You Do

Sarah Hughes gave us one of the Top Moments in Ice Skating history.   New on the scene, she was competing against some amazing athletes in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

So Much Competition for a New Skater

Michelle Kwan, a long-time favorite American skater, was performing well; as was Sasha Cohen.  But pressure was high, as was the desire to win.   So these world class athletes were making some mistakes they normally would not have made.

Each Skater Made a Fatal Error

The scores were close when it came time for the long routine; the last round.  This would determine the Gold!  Each woman did well but had not been able to nail their routine.

Sarah Was in Fourth Place

In fourth place, without much hope of winning, Sarah, a pretty girl with short red hair and a big smile, came to the ice.

She Gave Up on Her Dreams

As the music was about to start for her routine, Sarah gave up skating to win.  Instead, she chose to skate – just for the love and joy of skating.   Skating only for love, Sarah gave us a breathtaking, flawless  4.0 performance as she landed 7 triple jumps.

And locked in a Gold Medal.

After the Olympics, her family shared a childhood video of Sarah.  The family asked her about her dream for ice skating.  Only 5 or 6 years old, Sarah responded, “I’m going to win an Olympic Gold Medal.  And I can’t WAIT for that to happen!”

Live with Your Dream as Done

Since that time, Sarah has always been a great example to me.  She embraced her dream so much that she lived with it as already finished.  Then, when the right time came, she abandoned all her hopes and did what she does best – skate.  Not to win.

Just for love.

It works for me.  Small goal or a large goal.  Whenever I simply love what I do, it always turns out better!

Dreams can Happen

It’s never too soon – or too late – to find your dream.  Like Sarah, you can wrap your dream around whatever it is you love.   Love what you do.  And dreams can happen.



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